While you don’t receive the joys of making a place truly “your own,” you do have limited costs in renting. Landlords are responsible for general upkeep and safety, allowing you to focus on the fine points. Home owning  in contrast, puts you in the drivers seat. You shoulder the expenses and reap the rewards of home improvement-both great and small. Think about whether you want to put in additional time and money.  Mobility is part of renting. Freedom to take the next job or move for a relationship is easy to come by when you rent a home. If you decide to move, there’s often more choice of specific location, and price when you seek rental housing. If you are interested in rental housing in the Fort Lauderdale area, you are in luck, as this city offers many options. I am well versed in most communities and can guide you based on your search criteria. Please feel free to explore and search the MLS in this section, live active MLS rental listings available today! 


If you are thinking of  taking the leap from renting to home ownership, please take a look at the additional topics in this section.