Selling Tips


The objective:…getting top dollar for your home. The list below are improvements that generally provide an average to even above average return on investment and can make all the difference when selling. Take some time prior  to listing your home for sale to get it ready for its big reveal. If your property is vacant, or if you are an out of town owner..I am able to arrange  for a professional  staging company to professionally stage your home for you. Staging a home virtually is an option as well. This method cuts the cost of staging but allows online users viewing pictures of where furniture would go in to 2 main rooms of the home.

LANDSCAPING: Curb appeal and first impressions are key. The first impression is the ONLY impression!  Simple yet effective tricks can make all the difference. Cut the grass regularly, paint the exterior if necessary especially if peeling paint is evident. Apply a fresh coat of paint on the front door and replace the door mat. Clean exterior windows and make sure all exterior lighting is working. Clean gutters if necessary. Symmetry is key. Buyers want to see balance. Consider planting two identical plants on the left and right side of the front door. Apply these same tips to the backyard, pick up any loose branches, cut overgrown hedges, trees, bushes, replace mulch if necessary. Remember FIRST IMPRESSIONS!

Replacing Windows and Doors: Replacing old windows and doors to impact resistant is a big home improvement in South Florida. This more expensive remodel will yield a return on your investment and can provide you with significant insurance discounts while you still reside in the home. Impact resistant doors and windows can add up to thousands of dollars in discounts not to mention provides additional energy efficiency.

Kitchen: The kitchen sells the house..that never changes, so consider this when selling. If your kitchen needs to be gutted and completely remodeled, consider it for the maximum return on your investment especially if you will reside in the home a few years before selling. If a complete remodel is not in the budget, consider a minor remodel. Reface old cabinets or change the countertop to give the kitchen a new and updated look. You want the potential buyer to feel as though what they see is “livable” for the immediate future..”not bad” “this could work” “I don’t mind the kitchen” this is the type of feedback you want to hear if you are considering a minor remodel. Remove all clutter from countertops!  Clutter is offensive and distracting in any part of your home, especially the kitchen. Remove appliances that are not used regularly, papers stacked in the corner and yes,.. clean out cabinets as buyers will peak inside. Paint the kitchen a neutral shade of beige or off white. Lastly, replace old cabinet handles with new ones from your local hardware store. You will be amazed by the difference.

Interior:  Make sure each room demonstrates what the space is to be used for in the future. Dining rooms should look like dining rooms, not a storage room for children’s toys or misc. items.  Buyers hate clutter but LOVE light!  Paint the interior of  each room a neutral color, allow the light to come in to each room by opening blinds, opening drapes,  paint ceiling if necessary,  replace all lightbulbs , clean carpets, fix broken doors, blinds, replace a/c filters.

Bathrooms:  Similar to the rest of the house..declutter is key. Remove all personal items from countertops and floor space. Stage the room with guest towels, potpourri, proper lighting and keep it clean at all times.